A short intro

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. Ive had many blogs before but have always found subjects that have a finite life to them and I end up losing interest. My aspiration with this blog is to integrate it more closely to my everyday actions. That is integrate it into my work and career.

Currently I am working for a large it and media company in Vancouver Canada. It’s pretty cool but I’ve begun to develop interests in modern methods of communication and evolutionary design. Im not sure what this means for me career wise but I have the feeling that this will work itself out over the next little bit.

I am also an aspiring vlogger albeit without any type of video camera. This I also hope to remedy over the next bit but will probably start with something pretty modest like a webcam before graduating to something a bit more professional.

Anyways, my name is Jamie and I hope that if this interests you that you will follow my progress and send me any observations, advice, help and encouragement to follow this path.


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